7thSun: 'The Winding Stair'


01. Empyrean

02. Silence Will Descend

03. Jean Giraud

04. Approaching Centauri (The Cave)

05. Journey's End

06. TommySong [Version]

07. Cain

08. Nothing Left Undone

09. The Balcony

10. Christopher.


All tracks written, performed and produced by 7thSun. Artwork designed by 7thSun.


Jimmy Hutchinson: guitars, synths, vocals, basses and beats.

James Brewster: synth on tracks 02 and 04.

Alexandra Summer: vocals on track 02.

Ben Brewster: trumpet on track 08.


Release date: 07/02/2020.

You can download the album from Bandcamp.

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