7thSun: November Echoes:

The Anthology: 20072017




01. Illumination/ Pictures of the Sky (Live Version)

02. Unsleeping Eyes (Vocal Mix)

03. Pulse/ Rust

04. The Whirring Sound of Wings

05. Mandragora (Edit)

06. Trapped on a Tidal Island

07. Resignation

08. Into the Starscape (Live Version)

09. Compression

10. A Light Fall of Snow (Live Version)

11. Time lapse

12. Opolska (Edit)

13. Lunar Twin

14. Judaswiege

15. City in the Rain

16. Acid Rain

17. Echo 7

18. Beyond the Headache Zone.


All tracks written, performed and produced by 7thSun. Artwork designed by 7thSun.


Release date: 07/10/2017.

You can download the album from Bandcamp.

You can order physical copies by emailing james@hutch.org.uk

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